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is surely the energy of its Employees' 

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Welcome to Performance wellbeing,

Hello, I have helped many high profile names, coaching Elite Athletes and private clients, both in the UK and Globally by SKYPE.
Helping them to make lasting lifestyle changes and overcome Stress & Anxiety, Phobias, Performance & exam stress and much more.
Working with the Medical Team at Crown Lane Medical Centre to bring Integrative wellbeing to Bromley and Kent. Supporting potential and helping you to take that brave step to the life YOU want to live.

  YOU WILL learn how to create a new Mindset - Feel calmer, BE fearless and LIVE in the moment                                        

Hypnosis is a powerful but entirely natural state of deep relaxation, I use a combination of NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy to bring about lasting positive changes. You will be amazed at the power of the mind and feel more confident with a new Mindset.  
                                                    EMPOWER YOURSELF TO MAKE THAT CHANGE

Using the latest combination of evidence based techniques and solutions - Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, and ‘Mindfulness based’ therapies for overcoming Anxiety, Phobias and Sleep insomnia issues and to enhance CONFIDENCE and EMOTIONAL WELLBEING.

** Professionally Insured & Certified DBS to work with

children and young adults **

Press & Testimonials

"MindTonic presents Survive & Thrive - 8 steps to mental wellbeing . Thanks for your workshop today! great reaction from the team, true transformations in the way we will think about our sales culture "  

Chris Dobson - EVP BBC Advertising